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Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy New Year, Photo Overload!

So I am trying to update our blog finally!  I have been such a slacker! Bad news is, I downloaded our Christmas photos on the computer and now they are gone????  So I am have to find them...I hope they resurface....Happy New Year everyone!

Playing at new Children's Museum with Elle

Checking out foods in other cultures

Best buddy Elle

Bella hiding under Big Bird

Bella was a firefighter!

At Old Dominion Boat Club Christmas Party

Bella and her new friend

Mommy and Daddy at White House Christmas Party

White House made of Chocolate

Bella, Mommy and Santa

White House Garden, so neat!

At the VP Christmas Party with Champ!

Bella loved the Potomac Fever group, they seemed to love her too!

Having tea with Nana!

My sweet nieces

Bella hugging her new bear from Santa!

Bella and Mommy

Just her like 3rd sugar cookie that day...

Lastly, playing with Cousin Charlotte!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September and Flood

Hello everyone!  Sorry I have not posted in a while, but things have been a bit crazy around here.  Between my work schedule, Fran traveling all the time, the "flood" in our condo, and a crazy 19 month old running around.... I have been quite busy! But that being said things are good.  We went to the first home SC game in September and had a blast! I also went to the DNC which was super fun, really a great experience.  Bella is getting bigger every minute and is really talking and trying to use her words. She is also very independent and needs to learn a little patience ; )  A couple weeks ago, our condo got flooded due to a pipe that burst.  Needless to say, we had to move out of our condo and move into a temporary one until ours is fixed.  Oh do I love moving ; ( Can you sense the sarcasm??  Anyway, right when it happened, we stayed at the Gaylord hotel and I think Bella had some fun.  The crib she slept in was pretty horrible, looked like a crib you find in the hospital, but it worked and she slept like a baby.  We have adjusted well to our temporary condo.  Bella seems to like it.  I think we will be here for a month or so. This weekend we are headed down to SC for the Georgia game and for Shannon's baby shower.  We can't wait to celebrate her and the twins! 

 Bella finding snacks at Tailgate!

 My little cheerleader

 Enjoying the fall weather and pockets!

 Running the halls of the Gaylord Hotel!

 Breakfast in Bed!

 Bella's first room service, she loved it!

 Eating dinner at our new condo...

Big girl brushing her teeth!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

First Trip to Cape Cod, MA

Bella and I flew up to Chatham, MA last weekend to meet up with Fran. It was all of our first visits to Cape Cod and we had a great time!  Here are some pictures from our trip!  

Bella had fun playing in the sand

Little family photo 

Her new Seal that she kept hugging...

 Enjoying lunch outside!

 First breakfast in Bed at hotel!

 Strolling around in the Chatham park

 Lunch with Daddy

 Walking around at the Chatham Bars Inn

 Bella and I on the beach

 Dancing in the sand

 Sweet Daddy

 Daddy and our friend running with Bella on the beach

 Mommy and Bella in our shades...

 Playing at the park!

 Nice and clean after a bath...

Bella didn't seem to mind about taking up too much space in the bed!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August stuff

We have had quite a busy August and I am sorry I have not posted in a long time!  Shame on me!  So the month started off with Bella going to her first MLB game. I took her to see the Nationals play the Phillies.  Daddy had to work during the game, but we were able to meet up with him and hang out.  Bella loved it!  She loved clapping and saying "yay" for the team!  She also loved the hot dog, it's one of her favorites!  The first weekend in August we headed down to SC for Hampton's First Birthday party!  And also to celebrate my best friend's birthday, since she shares birthdays with her baby Hampton.  Last year she didn't get to celebrate her birthday as she was in labor, so this year we went out and had some fun.  Hampton's party was a pool party and we had a great time.  There was even a suprise visit by Cocky!  Bella points to the pictures now and says "Cocka"...haha close enough.  

The next weekend I headed down to Charlotte to celebrate my friend Carrie's wedding.  It was so much fun, as a bunch of my college friends were there, who I don't see much.  We had a great time and Carrie was a beautiful bride!  I also got to spend time with some friends who I know from living in Charlotte.  It was so nice to see them, as it has been way too long!

Bella is growing up so fast.  She is really starting to talk more and more each day.  She is quite the little actress as well and loves to dance.  Her favorite songs right now in Bella's own words are "Boom Boom" (Super bass by Nicki Minaj), "I, I" (Like a Love Song, Selena Gomez) and the always popular "Baby" by Justin Beiber.  Right now she is saying "No" quite a bit and testing her mommy and daddy, so that is loads of fun, haha.  Bella is such a happy girl and we enjoy every moment we spend with her.  Bella also loves spending time with her BFF Elle.  Pictures to follow of course.

So in no particular order, here are pictures from the month of August so far!

Bella and Elle 


Girls saying hi to everyone who walks by...

Bella playing the piano...

We had a photo session with the girls...

Bella in her pretty dress and boots...

At the game with Daddy...

Cocky at Hampton's Birthday Party!

Shannon and I (plus Baby girl and Baby boy who are due this November, so excited for Shannon & Jay)

Hampton thoroughly enjoyed his cake!!

Ash and I out for her birthday

Bella enjoying ice cream at Hampton's party

Bella enjoying some snacks at the game

Bella cheering at game and me and the girls at Carrie's wedding!!

Happy Birthday Hampton!!